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Welcome to my website!  I hope you have time to spend a few minutes browsing, getting to know a bit more about my books, check out my blog, and participate in the poll. 

The website will be updated monthly and will have some tidbits…and maybe even an early peek at upcoming releases!

Words are as lyrical to me as formulae are to mathematicians – and I understand them far better than math – my high school geometry teacher once said I was the most illogical person he’d met. I’d often come up with the right answer, but without the in-between steps. I like to think, given the number of years since then, he’s had a chance to meet someone even more illogical! 

Anyway, please enjoy your visit, and add me to your bookmarks to check back and find out what new and exciting is happening.

If you have any questions, I welcome them at

My new release, Race to Win, is coming soon...

People have asked about my upcoming Race to Win, so I wanted to give you a short excerpt. Meg has been working in Florida and got a call her grandfather had been hospitalized with a heart attack. This is what happens, after she visits him in hospital, when she gets to his Thoroughbred operation.


Please remember to wear a helmet when riding. Every ride, every time.


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