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Libby McKinmerWords have formed the cornerstone of Libby's life. Her father read poetry to Libby's mother during her pregnancy...and the love of reading and writing was born with her. She was a library brat as a child, visiting regularly to feed her desire to read.

Libby concentrated on a Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Classical Literature and was the first to graduate from her university with a double major in this combination.

This writer has always been a voracious reader, too, and usually has several books on the go at any given time. Mystery, romantic-suspense, spy thriller or mainstream—if it's well-written and engaging, she enjoys it.

Libby has been the creative director of a radio station, a newspaper reporter and editor, the editor of one national and several corporate newsletters, and the senior editorial director of a regional women's magazine. Additionally, she has written dozens of freelance magazine articles from an interview with an Olympian to How-To articles.

In addition to writing, Libby is also an editor and has worked with many authors on award-winning books.  I love taking a good book and helping an author make it the best it can be. And if she or he wins an award with that book, I'm so proud!

Outside of her professional life, Libby has always enjoyed having a variety of animals in her life. You'll notice most of her central characters have pets.  Main characters just aren't complete if there isn't a cat, dog, bird or some other pet in their lives. It helps me see what that character is like as a person, said Libby with a grin, surrounded by her furry writing partners.

Libby was a member of the Delta Society and developed one of the first pet-facilitated therapy programs in her community.

If you'd like to write to her, please feel free to do so at She's always thrilled to hear from her fans.


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