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People have asked about my upcoming Race to Win, so I wanted to give you a short excerpt:


Meg has been working in Florida and got a call her grandfather had been hospitalized with a heart attack. This is what happens, after she visits him in hospital, when she gets to his Thoroughbred operation.

Fox Hollow


Fox Hollow

Melissa Miller thinks her life is going along just fine. She's a respected young architect who is in partnership with her fiancé, Jackson Tobin, in the plum real estate development, Fox Hollow. She enjoys her work and is content with her life.
   Until Jackson, and all the company's money, disappears...and Melissa discovers she's in debt for four million dollars to loan shark, John Axelson. She hires sexy PI Rees McAllister and the two of them come up with a plan to let Jackson pay his own dues.
   With Keeshond hero, Augie, the final showdown pits Melissa against her ex-fiancé and his new wife.

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When another crime of sexual assault is reported, detective Emily Evans is assigned the case.
   As she talks to victims, she discovers their common link is dating through the personals. That sends Emily to meet Mac Landon, the GQ-looking bachelor who edits the advertising section of The Yorkton Daily Gazette. Though Emily is attracted to Mac, her first priority, she tries to tell herself, is to solve the case.
   Emily begins dating through the personal ads despite Mac's worry, and soon a darker presence begins to cast its shadow. And as the killer stalks Emily, will Mac find her in time to help her stop the rapist—or will their newfound love be stopped in its tracks?

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Deadly Duos # 6   

(novel length print edition including the novella  Betrayed by Love and another novella by author Roberta Warren)



[about Fox Hollow]

"A sweet romantic of sweet romances will definitely enjoy Ms. McKinmer's latest offering."

-Denise Powers,
Sensual Romance Reviews


[about Tracks]

"…A suspenseful and exciting tale that moves fast and furious to its thrilling finish. The interaction of Emily and Mac is sensual and steamy. The author's portrayal of the rapist is chilling and his evil is a tangible force. He is a very believable villain. Fans of suspense won't be disappointed by this book."

—Brenda Gill, Timeless Tales Review


[about Deadly Duos #6 /Betrayed by Love]

"The lead protagonists and the villains are brilliantly characterized and their motives well designed. Libby McKinmer writes a first class romantic suspense novella that will please fans who normally prefer the longer storyline!"

-Harriet Klausner,
Painted Rock Reviews


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