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Keeshond Rescue

KeeshondIf you're considering the addition of a pet to your family, you may want to consider a Keeshond. Please visit Keeshond Rescue of North America (KRNA) at where you can learn more about this interesting breed of dog. You'll be able to explore its heritage, its characteristic and what you can expect if you add a Keeshond to your family.

You can also find Keeshonden in search of a new forever family.  These are dogs who have, for reasons beyond their control, lost their homes. It could be because their caregiver's lifestyle has changed or they became separated from their family or were surrendered to rescue. Not every rescue dog has been abused.

Each of the dogs on the Keeshond Rescue Page has been assessed and you can get information on the dog including whether s/he likes other dogs, cats, children, etc.

And rememberóNEVER give a living creature as a gift to someone else, especially as a surprise. Our domesticated animals are totally dependent on us and if someone is not ready to offer the care and love a pet needs, it could join the ranks on the Rescue Page.


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